Ragashanti: “Dem don’t like hear ghetto people”

Embattled radio talk-show host Dr Kingsley ‘Ragashanti’ Stewart gave his piece on his recent debattle with the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica (BCJ) regarding his show “Ragashanti Live.”

In a recent interview Ragashanti said he “think a grave injustice has occured.”

“I will passionately defend anybody’s right not to like my show … they are entitled to that right. The question though is, if you don’t like my show, does that mean you should get rid of my show?” ask the talk show host

“I do obey all the rules of the BCJ. Where they have alleged that I have broken the rules, it’s a distortion and a manifestation of an agenda to persecute me wrongfully,” Raga added.

Ragashanti said he strongly believe there is a conspiracy out against him.

“Dem don’t like hear ghetto people, dem think that it is unproductive to hear ghetto people talk the way ghetto people usually talk on the radio. And they arrogantly and incorrectly believe that if ghetto people talk the way they talk then that don’t signify any form of progress,” Ragashanti said.

Ragashanti Live was recently ordered off the air by the BCJ for breaching the broadcasting act.

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