Tommy Lee ft. Tabeta Cshae – Spartan Angels Lyrics

(Intro – Tabeta Cshae)
Spartans my child I believe, you are my savior in my time of need
Spartans my child tell me why
The clouds of darkness are up in the sky
I see the angels he lead dem to your door
There’s no escape now no mercy no more
Sparta march out now you’ll see danger

(Verse 1 – Tommy Lee)
Listen everybody listen
Demons a no mine an am about to prison
Anytime me talk dem blame it on my words
Seh mi words powerful an it will make the place curse
Aiming to the point stop an think a second
Spiritual war is dem a mi weapon
No true mi seh demon it is just a phase
Cyaa believe mi become a main source of a faith

(Chorus – Tommy Lee)
Everywhere mi go, everywhere mi turn Sparta
Everywhere mi go, everywhere mi turn gaza
Some a seh mi bless, some a seh mi curse
God forgive mi if a me alone sin a earth
May those who seek my life
Must be put to shame
The children dem seh Sparta
Angel sing fi me

(Verse 2 – Tommy Lee)
No pay mi no mind it’s my alter ego
Switch on an switch off, move please an thank you
It’s all in the game wa mi come fi zero
Everybody against me a me one hi no
Come fi control that mi waan you fi know
What is for Seasor cannot be fi you
Tommy Lee naw go si you live forever
World Boss legacy to

(Repeat Intro – Tabeta Cshae)

(Outro – Tommy Lee)
Believe in your self, mi believe in me
Jesus walk paw water
Moses rad part sea
System forgive me, set me free
Fight fi the demons dwell, send fi the angels
An fly away peacefully

(Repeat Chorus – Tommy Lee)

(Repeat Chorus – Tabeta Cshae)


  1. Lee-andrew Denhere

    dis tune z hot, i lyk.

  2. gaza crew is my top I love these gyas I planning to gif dem a visit at my 25 age.

  3. Paul Curtis Jacksøn

    I like this.

  4. lol oh gosh I demon the demons in my soul and I love this song thank you my savior tommy lee.

  5. di song bad it bad mi rate it (y).