Tommy Lee Says He Can’t Go Back Into Flanker

More money more problems.

When Tommy Lee was just Leroy Russell in his home community of Flankers, a ghetto in the Montego Bay suburbs, he had no problem except providing for his many kids.

But since he rose to fame in 2011, the dancehall star found himself unable to even return to the place he once called home.

During his recent interview with Noisey Jamaica for their Snoop Lion-produced dancehall web series, Tommy Lee says he hardly get to see his kids anymore.

“As a youth in Jamaica when you come from the ghetto you turn artists and things like that, or even doctor, anything you turn that makes you money. When you go back in the ghetto people are going to surround you and happy to see you and then the system is going to want to brand you as a Don,” Tommy Lee said.

“Me as a youth I can’t really go back home because they say I am a Don… so I can’t even get to see my kids them, I can’t go to my place I have to let them come visit me at a hotel when I have shows and those things. They don’t want me to go into my place. They say I should stay away from there and I don’t know why. But things seems to be getting better and I hope it continue,” Tommy Lee added.

Tommy Lee also opens up about his relationship with Vybz Kartel, his career and more.

You can get the full interview here.