Tommy Lee: “Vybz Kartel Teach Me To Work Hard”

Noisey Jamaica features Tommy Lee in the third episode of their new dancehall web series produced by Snoop Lion.

During his interview, Tommy Lee opened up about getting his big break as a protege of former Portmore Empire head Vybz Kartel.

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“I didn’t get to learn a lot from him [Vybz Kartel] like the others,” Tommy Lee said. “But being around him, one thing he teaches me is to work hard. His work ethics is outstanding because he is in the studio from in the morning until in the night. So because of that now am in the studio everyday. I have around 20 songs that’s not released yet.”

Tommy Lee also shows off his many tattoos of angel, demons and even a Hitler sign.

Lee also laughed at the assumption that he is the anti-christ of dancehall.

Watch the video below.