Aidonia ft. Deablo, Jayds, Size 10 & Shokryme – All 14 Lyrics

(Verse 1)
From a bwoy no waan no gyal dem cyaa touch pon the block
Or no bwoy wa a s*ck lollipop
Lift up the thing wid the clutch pon the back
Mi no fling river stone head no burst from no rock
Listen my crew bay thugs inna that
Inna face wi no get thump inna that
No Micky Mouse, no Bugs Bunny act
When badman a talk some bwoy no fi chat

Wi no laugh wid people so tell dem
So tell dem this cyaa box up mi friend dem a swell dem lips
Thump out teeth fi dem check dentist
Wi a shoot like Pierce Barce and Celtics
Inna Jop every man head sick
7.62 fort like fenzicks
Wi no fling thump caw mi no well thick
Rectangle a box velvet well fit

Kid lane out a Waltom
Badman wi no chat long
Could a Samson pickiny the strong one
Bwoy haffi run like athlete a the track meet inna London
Some a talk but dem naw do no action
Who a run road under the army a drag one
Dem fi know seh a one lord evil
Me seh one voice

Dem seh war is in the air but the dogs dem well prepared
Dem a talk but mi no hear
No see no bwoy out deh mi fear
When yo crowd a cloud the air everybody scared
Cause dem know a we alone a stand off like clear

So no war is in the air
Dem talk but mi no fear
Tell dem seh no chat just kick it off meck it clear
Everyday inna the square, crowd a cloud the air
An dem know a JOP alone a stand off like clear

(Verse 2)
We run road like tidal an whale more deadly than chemical meal
Dem lite like feather wi no pelican tail
Kick it off so like leather pow field
Mi no fear obia led up an steal
Have things fi shock llike electrical heal
Talk dem a talk dem cyaa sporks the general heal
Wi tougher than metal an steal
All a mi thoughts dem devour an mean
AN mi no chase like Angelle, Andreen
Cross shoulder weh the leather bond weez
So yo know seh a brand new Lebanon an steal
Cold like Europe weather unleash
When mi tell yuh bout shell a no dem yah pon beach
No bwoy cyaa drape up fell an beat
Caw Bobby Lane man dem a step up pon street

Old iron root up out a ground like tree trunk
Hooy powder stink like 3 skunk
Mi no fling thump, mi no beat thump
Mi no spin kick caw mi no shoreline monk
Pull up inna the Toyota Windom
Purple storm wa the Governor a bring come
Worry dem that tall like the Lignum
Now wi get sticky like string gum

(Repeat Chorus)

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