Mavado Opens Up About Relationship With Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel [VIDEO]

Dancehall hitmaker Mavado is arguably the hottest artist currently out of Jamaica with a lot of international appeal.

The Gully Gad, who rose from within the ranks of the Bounty Killer lead Alliance, has had some fallout out with the general in recent years.

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For the first time Mavado is truely opening up about his relationship with the Killer. Speaking with Winford Williams of OnStage, Mavado says he is still very much Alliance, but…

This is what Mavado said:

“We been Alliance and we been putting in work for the family… Gully Gad is always Alliance, because Alliance is a family” Mavado said.

“But you done know how it goes Winford, respect is the biggest currency more than anything else in the world. Mi respect the general because you done know from nothing to something. I’ve been around the general from I was like 15 and I never try to go around his thing because whats due to the boss you have to just give him that,” Mavado continues. At the end of the day me still want the same respect and I want to be known.”

“Even after my friend drop out (died) I went in the streets and see the general and I bless him up and whole a meds (talk) with him same way. My whole community vex and feel hurt about the whole situation because he never even send his condolence.”

“At the end of the day its Alliance for life,” Mavado added.

Mavado had a lot more to say about Bounty Killer, Vybz Kartel, his career and more.

Watch the full interview below and sound off in comments.