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Snoop Lion To Meet With Bunny Wailer To Address Issues

A week after members of the Rastafari Millennium Council issues a 7-page statement condemning Snoop Lion, the West Coast rapper turn reggae star has reached out to them.

Sources close to the Council, headed by reggae Legend Bunny Wailer, told UrbanIslandz.com that Snoop and Wailer are working out their differences.

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“At the end of the day these are all grown men irrespective of their views of Rastafarian believes,” the source said. “After hearing the news Snoop reached out to Wailer and others and will be flying to Jamaica next month where he will meet with the Nyabhingi leaders.”

During an excerpt from a recent interview, Snoop Lion opened up about his relationship with Bunny Wailer.

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“You know one thing about Bunny Wailer, is that if you ain’t real, then you ain’t gonna be around him,” Snoop Lion said.

Snoop Lion also appeared on BET’s 106 & Park last week where he spoke candidly about his Rastafarian beliefs.

“Anything you do in life you’re going to have negativity, you’re going to have people putting you down and saying things to dissuade what your opinion is,” Snoop Lion told host Bow Wow. “Am a positive individual, I know what am here to do what am suppose to do, so am going to continue to push forward, and ain’t nobody going to stop me.”

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  1. Bob Marley wasn’t embraced for a long time either, so I think Bob Marley would say to Snoop Lion, “Don’t worry about thing, cause everything little thing going to be alright” 😀

  2. as a kid growing up in jamaica when u see a rasta man , they say u should praise jah and do the right thing , so I don’t see nothing wrong with snoop taking on to our culture , and even bob marley say, the only way a jah not war, rasta I know are peaceful individuals , and I know when snoop went to jamaica he was told , no rasta no doggs around here man a lion yo seet , so why say that an then turn around an a fight the man , injustice.

  3. Maxine Isis Stowe

    Real Rastafari Millennium Council Rastas Are Motivated By The Protection Of Their Culture And Value Their Intellectual Property. Ones Should Use This Opportunity To Go The Rastafari Millennium Council And See The Full Scope Of The Rastafari Community And The Issue Around The Culture. With That Information And Overstanding Then Comment Accordingly. The Rastafari Community Welcomed Snoop And ‘Blessed’ Him In The Faith And Provided Information Regarding The Commercialization Of The Culture And What Had Been Put In Place To Safeguard, Manage & Protect. This Is No Different From Any Preservation Authority That Governs The Environment Against Commercial Intent. The Rastafari Community Has Been One Of The Most Marginalized And Brutalized Communities In Jamaica’s HIstory And The Philosophy And Culture That Has Been Generated Over Their Resistance To And Defense Of Their Culture Is Now Worth A Lot Of MONEY Due To No Intent Of Their Own, While At The Same Time This MONEY Is Not Benefiting Them But Is In Fact Challenging Their Independent Way Of Life And Lifestyle. So They Have Had To Evolve To Manage This MONEY, As A Matter Of Their Own Survival! Attraction Is MONEY, Ask Any Web Based Business Model, So The Rastafari Community And Culture Is One Of The Most ATTRACTIVE Lifestyle In The World, In Spite Of The Marginalization And Brutalization So a$$ociated And Still In Place Against That Community In Jamaica!

    • Maxine Isis Stowe

      Several Meetings Between Snoop Lion And @[100004722252767:2048:Bunny Wailer] Has Been Officially Requested By Bunny Wailer Over The Period That Has Not Occurred And Has Contributed To How This Issue Is Currently Playing Out. None Has Been Officially Requested In The Past Week Though It Makes Sense That The Official Representatives Of Snoop Lion Should Be Responding Not Only To Bunny @[100001617415861:2048:Original Wailers] But To The @[1479915948:2048:Rastafari Millennium Council]

  4. Snoop Dogg leave them Rasta alone a money dem want. Real rastas are not motivated by money.