Rohan Marley Defends Snoop Lion From Rasta Onslaught

Fret not Snoop because royalty has your back.

Snoop Lion, formerly Snoop Dogg, has been receiving a lot of bad press this week after members of the Rastafari Millennium Council threatened him with a lawsuit claiming her is a “rasta imposter.”

Rastafari Council Threatens Snoop Lion With Lawsuit, “He Is Not A Real Rasta”

Now one of Bob Marley’s sons, Rohan Marley, has jumped to the defense of the West Coast rap legend.

Rohan Marley told TMZ that his father would have loved him.

“Our father’s name should not even be mentioned in this issue because like a true Rasta, he would have embraced Snoop’s reincarnation and welcomed the positivity.”

“Why condemn a man for his love of Rastafari and Bob Marley?” Rohan continues.

“We have been cool with Snoop before his transformation and he will continue to have our blessings and support.”

During a visit to Jamaica last year, then Snoop Dogg visited the Nyabinghi headquarter in Montego Bay where he started his spiritual transformation.

Is This Why Snoop Angered Rastafarians? “French Manicure Nails”

Snoop later called himself the reincarnation of Bob Marley. He released a documentary chronicling his spiritual journey and he is currently recording his reggae debut album “Reincarnated.”

Despite Snoop’s love for Rastafarian culture and reggae music, members of the Rastafari Council including reggae legend Bunny Wailer says the rapper is a fraud and is using their culture to make money.

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