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Is This Why Snoop Angered Rastafarians? “French Manicure Nails”

Snoop Lion has managed to angered the Rastafarian elders which comprise of legendary reggae singer Bunny Wailer.

According to Wailer, Snoop Dogg, who recently changed his moniker to Snoop Lion, failed to meet the commitments to be a Rastafarian and is using the culture to gain profits.

Rastafari Council Threatens Snoop Lion With Lawsuit, “He Is Not A Real Rasta”

Sources close to the Rastafarian Council in Jamaica told that some recent photos of Snoop smoking a blunt with French Manicure nails also caught the ire of the Rasta community.

“When Snoop met with the elders in Montego Bay last year he made certain verbal commitment as part of his transformation,” the source said. “He recently came down to Jamaica for a music video shoot and clearly he was not living up to those commitments. The manicure nails was the last straw.”

The photos of Snoop Lion puffing on a marijuana spliff with French Manicure nails made tabloid headlines last week.

Snoop french manicure nails

Snoop, who posted the photo on Instagram, captioned it with, “French tip for the french enhale.”

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  1. He’s not a farian. He should have done his homework before attempting to change over. Like it or not.

  2. Look rasta people…I know it looks funny to people not from California, but believe it or not, this is extremely normal for people who call themselves PIMPS, like how they also perm their hair like females. This is like the ultimate symbol of being a PIMP is a guy getting his nails french manicured. If you don’t understand the pimp culture which comes from Oakland, i can understand how this looks weird, but Snoop has been doing pimp sh– for a long time, like straigtening his hair, ect.

  3. Dutchie Brewstaar

    Let he without sin cast the first stone, the trod is a life journey…just as tree leaves fall off the tree is the cleansing process.One by one they fall until the tree is left bare, as the spiritual consciousness grows….so does new plummage.Loww Snoop Lion, if he sees a good thing and takes it on who is anyone to say right or wrong.He doesn’t need money from the Rasta community because he has enuuf money to buy an island should he choose.All the elders that are worried that he is abusing the Faith, remember that once in life , before you got your callings, You might have been on the wrong side too, wotever that is…Jah run tings not man!

  4. Rasta no manicure fi dem nails so…..him supposed to know dat still….

  5. lol @ Bunny Wailer the rasta law maker..loww di man unno too hypocrite…Money unno a look so no badda try disguise it…If snoop give dem couple million all a dem mouth lock.

  6. him a real woman not a real rasta.

  7. It’s called evolution , nothing nuh wrong wid dat. African tribes do body piercings and put paint all over dem body , wear anklets and bracelets , why Wailer and the Millenium council nuh go tell dem wha fi do ? Roarrrr on Snoop Lion . By the way memba seh inna the 80’s Jah B flirted wid disco …., short memory Jah B ??

  8. No he is doing it because he loves the justice system in jamaica damn it! Of course its the money! why else would he be running in?


  10. I have to admit though! those nails look way off! like some girls nails…that ain’t right, rasta nuh roll so!

  11. LOL What’s up with those nails More like Chi Chi Dog.

  12. To trod Rastafari road is more of a spiritual journey, and of course dem have dem oun regulations to guide them but bunny wailer dem must realize say snoop wasn’t an ordinary man, he was SNOOP DOGGY DOGG! whom was already set in his doggish ways….so even if snoop is serious bout it, it might take some time for him to grow into it, him cant just run in!

  13. so f—in what idiots get ova it its 2013 we all different….always wan find sumthing to talk bout…smh.

  14. Rent-A-Dread!

    Yo cyan tell mi yo conquering Lion.
    Yo a dog from yo waan eat di cat.

    -Agent Sasco

  15. Bunny Wailer how much have u done for Jamaica , You r not Bob Marley…My father was a real rasta man from Snoop mean good …Leave him the hell alone …

  16. No wonder di bobo dem want Snoop Dogg head on a platter. Manicure nails that luuu.

  17. what about the guy wearing the lion on his that Rasta enuff?

  18. Go figure: It’s an imitation of life!