I-Octane: “I Am Not Getting Bun”

I-Octane sparked controversy when he dropped his latest single “Gal A Gimme Bun” last week.

The new single caused quite a stir on Twitter with fans wondering if the singjay is getting bun. Some fans even going as far as to link the single to Mr. Vegas.

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“Yeh when mi run out a next man a run in/ As mi tun mi back a next man a tun in/ Dem in a mi place a make love under makka song/ Mi seh bun him, yes this bwoy drink out mi fruit juice dem/ Boots all used an a no me used dem,” I-Octane sings.

Octane has since stepped forward to explain the meaning of the single.

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“It’s not a personal experience for me,” I-Octane said. “But in reggae music you have to have topics and relationships often times face these difficulties. Its not a personal thing or for any one individual its a general topic. No fun is in the music because we miss Mad Andrew and Professor Nuts and these characters from the music.”

Listen to I-Octane “Gal A Gimme Bun” below.