Mojo Morgan Releases New Single “New Dawn”

Mojo Morgan, percussionist and vocalist of Morgan Heritage fame, has released his new single, “New Dawn,” on Krian Music Group.

“New Dawn,” represents Morgan’s “Rasta Rock” movement perfectly, drawing inspiration from alternative, Reggae, hip-hop music and Top 40 hits. The uplifting track, which samples Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good,” has an old school vibe mixed with a contemporary beat.

“New Dawn,” featuring Mojo’s brother, Peetah Morgan, has garnered success from Jamaica and Ghana to Miami, New York and San Francisco, boasting impressive radio airplay in those markets.

Mojo Morgan has been signed with top independent publishing company, The Royalty Network, since 2006. When searching for a label to release his debut solo album, Morgan looked to The Royalty Network’s independent label, Krian Music Group.

“After fighting through a near life threatening encounter, as I did recently, you tend to revamp your outlook on life,” remarked Morgan. “My single “New Dawn” has become more relevant in my personal life. I hope to provide listeners with a vehicle to always look on the brighter side of a bad situation. This track gave me a second chance at doing just that.”

“Signing to Krian Music comes at a time in my career when getting my music to the right audience is key, mainly because of its diverse influences. With Krian, the dream becomes a reality and we look forward to achieving our goal of providing good music for people from all walks of life,” continued Morgan.

“Mojo’s a real workhorse of an artist. He truly gets what it takes to be successful as an Artist and is as hungry as we are to make his release a hit,” stated Frank Liwall, President and Founder of The Royalty Network and Krian Music Group. “‘New Dawn’ is the perfect introduction, as it reflects Mojo’s true Alternative side.”

About Krian Music Group

Krian Music Group is a full service independent record label group based in New York City. The label mission is to fully support, develop, protect and collect on behalf of our artists. Across a diverse genre of music, we work to further artists’ long-term careers by finding new and exciting opportunities for their commercial success across multiple platforms with the ability to provide a solid foundation for that growth.

Listen Mojo Morgan “New Dawn” below.