Lil Wayne Brokered Peace Between Chris Brown And Drake

The ongoing beef between Chris Brown and Drake over Rihanna might be at the end of the road.

According to reports by MTO, thanks to the power of Lil Wayne, who is close friends of both artists, they have agreed to squash their feud.

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Take this with quarter of a grain of salt but this is what MTO said:

Chris Brown’s last tour was a MAJOR FLOP financially. And as a result, Breezy and co owe promoter AL HAYMON millions of dollars from it. In order to pay it back Chris’ people reportedly “BEGGED” Lil Wayne to join his latest tour. The insider explained, “Wayne agreed to put him on tour if [Chris] and Drake squash the beef and make music together.” Chris AGREED, and will now be opening up for Lil Wayne’s new concert.

MTO also claims that Chris Brown is in a financial slum due to his recent flop tour. That could be true given Breezy’s habits of flaunting.

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This peace will turn out to be very awkward given Drake’s history with Rihanna and Chris Brown getting back together with her.

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