Busy Signal – Rural Guns Lyrics

Yow meck wi touch the road no dog a wah do some man
Yow a who him man
A wah do some man
Gimme some space
Yow a wah do some hey

Man from St. Thomas with built in hammers

Portland To St. Mary empty the clip straight bananas

Ochy thugs dem no have no manners

Gunshot bite dem like Peranas

And if you violate Racabesa wi presser

Chigger in a badness Clarks

Town man dem as colas

If bwoy diss mi a browns town

Dem find the pu**y round a Flanka’s

Salem man a clap the slamas

Albert Town a beat the bangers

If you dis sparling yo falling

Like clothe off a hangers

You a go lose if you dis Santa Cruse

Yo think a Bloodclooth Mister and Mrs Smith

A no Brad Pit nor Tom Cruse

When this buss it make bwoy stagger

Dem hang over like a boos stink

Ice cream a fly out a the things wah poor house a used

No pest no man a Westmorland

Could a strap an a wale yo flesh no man

Dem find all piece a yo chest no man

Straight over St. best it go land

Magatty rise the shotty

Bwoy dem a circle bout dem a wap it

Thugs a clap it West End no fear nobody

Hey Sav White house, rise the something bwoy get wipe out

Right out when the thing a beat street light’s out

You dis Lucea who si?

You si, was it a Magnum,a speci SLR or Woosy

Hold on deh man

Nine mile man kill you an smile man

Body out a door head deh pon the tile man

Thugs all over the Island

Guns dem stock an pile man

Ready fi nam yo food like crocodile man

Man from Browns Town St. Ann

No carry you a cort fi sentence

Wet dem wet you straight an gi you arrendance

You dis Abutnat? All Cristian a buss head like a coconut

You shouldn’t violate before that caw you should a know that

Hot head piarate the thugs dem chigger finger firer y

Wi no spar wid informer

Look wah dem do Mark Miary

Hey Mandiville to Spearchy Hill

To Junction to Black River

Left bwoy cold an a quiver

Separate lungs from liver

Sigo Ville to Grange Hill

Gun stash all in a cane field

If you dis Old Horber a fat shot meck yo maga

Balack laba, bwoy violate an den dem diss di order

Yow the thugs dem circle yo mother

Low are dont even bother

Guns all over the country

Some a dem short some a dem a pumpy

Sada mouth, Sad mouth

Lock yo beak some bwoy speak

tell dem si mi an rush mi

Bet you none a dem cyan touch mi

Wah the bomboclooth do some bwoy

Yo seet, watch yah no Bambino, watch yah no Mager

Hey desil staneless


  1. sick tune there busy.

  2. sick tune there busy.