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Black Ryno On Popcaan “Him Punk Out And Turn It In A Thump Out” [VIDEO]

Dancehall star Black Ryno has stepped forward to shed more light on what happened at Sting 2012 to cause the brawl between himself and Popcaan.

Black Ryno – Courage [Music Video]

Speaking with Winford Williams of OnStage, Ryno explains why he went on the stage, and why he is beefing with Popcaan.

“First and foremost anybody would be upset if your suppose to go on the stage three times and then you hear that you have to wait again on a next man, and then them send up the hot artists that everybody out in the crowd waiting on and then a next man come and when you check they are telling you such man say them have to fly and everybody know that’s a lie,” Black Ryno said.

“So I couldn’t be there until in the morning because nobody wants to see Black Ryno at 7 in the morning, everybody wants to go them yard because everybody tired,” Ryno told Winford.

Black Ryno says he was not the one forcing the clash since Popcaan has been name dropping him in a couple singles.

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“Everybody know that courage has been throwing words on Black Ryno and a style man as priest in his songs,” Ryno said. “Dem punk out and turn it in a thump out.”

Black Ryno also opens up about his new diss track and accompanying video “Courage,” as well as, his upcoming European tour.


  1. Black Ryno a try rhyme like Bounty.