Vybz Kartel – Devine Love Lyrics

No baby mi naw go leave yuh
A no one night something love forever
Spending di rest of my life with you

(Verse 1)

Look wah yuh do to my head
Baby a yuh mi love till time end
Come wine up yo body paw mi mi wifey
Mi write up remember bout yuh wid my pen
But di words couldn’t explain di feeling
First cut is di deepest knife edge
But mi naw meck yo hurt no more I pledge
A yuh a mi woman, my love an my friend
And mi naw play no games believe mi
Never doubt this a love forever yow
My queen of heart yuh fi get a crown
Meck wi write waan sweet love letter now
Mi youth a go wake if yuh meck a sound
Don’t touch di bed stay pon di ground
Hey girl one time mi a run around
But a yuh meck mi settle down

Mi waan yuh fi be mi bride
Talk bout Hussy mi a talk bout Wife
Brace paw mi yo body tight an right
Slow motion mi looking in your life
MI si everything precious I feel like cry
Cool an deadly a so yuh love wild
Mi design something fi yo name for a lifetime
Cause every time yuh just a blow my mind
And mi sacrifice yuh a mi pride an joy

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

(Repeat Verse 1)