Busy Signal – God Mi Seh Lyrics

Walk through di valley of death
Things happen when yuh least expect
God forgive but mi cyan fi get
Hot head fear no evil
Free from di claws a di eagle
Free up busy, Jah bless mi

{Verse 1}

God mi seh mi no work fi Satan
Burn di enemy, sue di pagan
Busy mi deh yah fi please di nation
Mi no mix up wid no eagle are no demon
Wi naw join dem congregation
Wi no owed no bwoy no obligation
Mi couldn’t wait fi di dam plain land
Mi freedom worth more than gold an diamond
Wave mi rights fi di extradition
Caw mi know mi is a innocent man
Lucky seh mi have a thing in a mi saving pon
Fi pay mi lawyer hit mi di pen pan


Touch back mi yard cause Jailers land nice
Jailers land nice
Bay chink an lice
Wada watch yo like tracking device
Ghetto youths out deh out deh
Jail house no nice, jail house no nice
Jail house no nice, no frdge no ice
Who feels it know youths take mi advise

{Verse 2}

The whole worls surprise when dem si di signal come back
nuff a dem a seh mi woulda never si di sun back
Some a dem go kiss monkey
Nuff a work dem buzzu but mi tell yuh seh di dam obia turn back
Yeh father bless mi mi cyan fi got
Some artist meck di place look like it hard fi lock
Provocative lyrics a gi dem heart attack
Head hat till more time it hard fi plat

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Hold yo straight
No nam wah yo no fi nam
If yuh a rasta no touch di yam
And yuh haffi firm in a Babylon
It’s not a easy road fi reach a mount Zion yeh
Jah Jah gimme my freedom
Mi no know wah some man a pree pan
God mi seh mi bun out Satan
And mi naw go worship no demon

{Repeat Chorus}

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  1. Biggg tune from busy signall maaaddd.