Isaiah Laing Says Macka Diamond Ran From The Spice Clash [VIDEO]

Sting promoter Isiah Laing has stepped forward to address the fail clash between Spice and Macka Diamond.

For the past few weeks, both female dancehall stars have been engaged in a war of words, but at the night of Sting Macka Diamond was missing in action.

Macka Diamond Explains Why She Didn’t Clash Spice At Sting [VIDEO]

During a recent interview, Macka Diamond denied that she was billed for a clash at Sting. According to Macka, she had another show to performed at that same night.

Speaking with Winford Williams of OnStage, Isiah Laing refuted Macka Diamond claims.

“They were billed eventually to clash,” Laing said. “Her publicist told us she was out in the car park doing something… But then I said how will that help me because Macka Diamond suppose to clash and suppose to work on the show. Then i understand that Macka left the island. What show on earth could be more important than Sting on a Sting night. So what thet tells you… Macka is running after she talk up her mouth so much.”

Watch Isiah Laing and Macka Diamond interview below.