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Macka Diamond Explains Why She Didn’t Clash Spice At Sting [VIDEO]

Dancehall diva Macka Diamond has stepped forward to give her piece on why she did not clash Spice at Sting 2012.

Spice caused quite an uproar when she brought a donkey on stage during her set to clash Macka Diamond, but after calling for Macka to come out on stage Spice delivered her set solo.

VIDEO: Spice Brings Donkey On Sting Stage For Macka Diamond

According to the “40 & Fabulous” deejay, Sting promoters did not pay her for a clash.

This is what Macka Diamond said:

“I have my usual show on Boxing Day in Kellits so I called a Downsound representative who told me I would be performing at 5:04 a.m., or 5:45 a.m. When mi look mi see 6 a.m., come and still no clash, so mi leave and go mi other show. Mi not even did aware say we did a go clash cause when mi ask, dem tell me say dem never pay mi fi clash so I wouldn’t be clashing.”

“She bring on donkey pon stage and she sound so weak! She carry donkey pon stage and last time she carry horse pon stage, it look like she inna di animal ting. Mi not even show up and she could not even hold her own.”

Spice On Macka Diamond: “Mi Box Her Down Jook Out Her Eye” [VIDEO]

The two females have been beefing with each other leading up to Sting which lead fans to believe there would be a clash.