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Spice Brings Donkey On Sting Stage For Macka Diamond [VIDEO]

Spice says Macka Diamond is not ready for her clash so she brought a donkey to clash Macka.

In case you weren’t at Sting on Wednesday night, the rumors are true, Spice turned up at Jamworld with a real life donkey that she brought on the stage.

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Unfortunately these two females did not clash as anticipated. Instead we only got a few name dropping and bickering from the two.

“Laing unnu send out Macka Diamond and make me kill it,” Spice said. But there was no Macka Diamond.

There were also a rumored fight backstage between Spice and Macka Diamond.

Spice donkey


  1. Imagine what that poor donkey had to endure from all that noisy raucus and racketing….if that was a dog it would be barking loud at everybody, if it was a cat it would scrreeeech and dash for cover but donkeys are rare animals sometimes they put up with things and keep silent….ANIMAL CRUELTY spice should be charged. Don’t even get me started when that man put his dirty hands in the donkey’s mouth pulling his jaw open to proof he looked like macko diamond.

  2. Spice just because you win a pysical fight once that does’nt mean you will win it twice. easy yourself and stop running up and down the place like a getaway rooster, just chill out and stop acting scared while pretending to be brave. I don’t wrong macka diamond for not coming out, why should you be allowed to bring an animal on stage while reffering to your opponent as that, do you think it was a well justifiable move? you can clash somebody without making yourself look stupid and childish. You do not even give them a chance to speak, one girl came out and you ran into her face bracing up yourself on her like you are some form of female kingkong….you should’ve given the girl a chance to speak or chat then you might’ve known what happen to macka diamind. it seems you didn’t want a verbal clash just a ghetto fight, next time stay at a distance and let other people chat on the microphone too so that the audience can get a better understanding of both sides, ok little big girl?

  3. a sting we say.

  4. Funny but fail.