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VIDEO: Kiprich, Ninjaman Vs. Tony Matterhorn, Merciless Sting Clash Full

The highly publicised Sting clash between Kiprich and Ninjaman versus Tony Matterhorn and Merciless was more like Kiprich against the two and Kippo emerged victorious.

Tony Matterhorn concede the clash to Kiprich via his Twitter.

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“Well sting was nice even thou I didn’t win cuz the crowd favored ninja n kiprich.I feel proud to know I closed the even. bless up”

“It was so funny when the crowd said matterhorn Gooo and I said mi nah go nuh weh lmao lol”

“Big up kippo is my friend fi life!ok my fans sting done now so back to my schedule,world tour again so see u in ur city” (Tony Matterhorn Twitter)

Watch Kiprich kill Matterhorn and Merciless below.



  2. Kiprich hot like a fu–ing kettle.

  3. Clash lame but Kiprich badder dan them.

  4. Thami Gucci Mane Ncube

    Kiprich can only sing about batty lyrics, a bias fi crowd. Ninja nuh undisputed champ, Warhead mash him up enough fi time.

  5. Kipo n Ninja man big ap. I salute u. Matterhorn dnt worry datz wat wi ah kol sting…awuoh.