Lady Saw Calls Tifa A “Uptown Chihuahua”, Tifa Respond

Should these females settled their differences at Sting?

Dancehall’s leading women continues to beef with each other over unknown reasons. Just days after Spice sound off on her beef with Macka Diamond and Lady Saw, the dancehall queens adds her voice to the mix.

Music Video: Tifa & Spice – Why Yuh Mad

During a radio interview with Hitz 92 this week, Lady Saw says Macka Diamond and Spice are not on her level before calling Tifa an “Uptown Chihuahua.”

Tifa found her comments offensive and sound off via her Twitter page.

“We have been reduced to this! A bunch of headless chickens arguing for no reason & continuing to kill an already dying industry,” she tweeted. “It’s a shame it came to this. We could have all worked together to build the female force in dancehall to take females in the industry higher.”

“Lady Saw you are the queen of dancehall & icon! & no one can take that away from you! For that I respect you! But today was shameful.”

“As Queen, you should be sitting on your thrown comfortably! You are a big woman! & new found CHRISTIAN u should not be warring with the others.” (Tifa Twitter)

Amidst all the brouhaha one question remains unanswered. Why are these females beefing?

If you know the answer let us know via comments below.