Tarrus Riley – Gimme Likkle One Drop Lyrics


Wooy wo wo wooh wooh yeh yeh yea yea
Wo wo wooh wooh yeh yeh yea yea
Chimney oooh

{Verse 1}

Hey DJ can you play that song
Set the mode for me to hold a different energy
Am loving of the music sounds
You si the woman them a them wi a pree
Hey chimney


Gimme likkle one drop
Meck the bass line role and catch
And mi love how the riddim just a top
Mi and mi woman a rock
Gimme likkle one drop
Meck the bass line role and catch
And meck wi couple up
And dubble up
And hold a vibes an stop

{Verse 2}

Mi love it, mi love it
Mi love the juggling
All the one foot man a dance so do no trouble him
Yow no bother meck up yo face don’t be the mugging
Good vibes in a the place no one grudging
Long time so wi no feel like this
Yeh me like this peppine well clean so fresh
Oh yes so bless

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 3}

Just like the drum and the bass line you have it
To how you wine up yo waste line on it
Mi meck one stop fi just one drop
Mi love the vibes
To how yo hot mi haffi strop wid lyrics
Gimme the words and the melody to sing it
Fi meck one stop one drop
But the love of one drop

{Repeat Chorus}


  1. Darlington Flamey/ Dj flamey

    One drop……..mi Love It
    hey tarrus please may I re-do your song live in our band perfomances this week. * Lira, Uganda*

  2. Princ Ndlovu 84

    just one drop ……haaaaa gud stuff riley

  3. Why UrbandIslandz always have the wrong a$$ lyrics! I mean if the 2nd and 3rd time he sings the chorus the lyrics change then damn well write it too!

  4. Emanuel Kisanga

    big tune man…salute tarrus…keepon faya burning…bless.


  6. Harry Tanatswa Takaruva Mbonjani

    lykin this Jam eiish.