Dancehall Diva Pamputae Snapped Kissing Another Female, Fans React

Is Pampuatae coming out the closet? The question on everyone tongue.

Dancehall diva Pamputae is feeling some heat from dancehall fans after a photo showing her kissing another female surfaced online.

Sources close to the “Goodie Goodie” deejay told Urban Islandz that the photo was allegedly doctored by unknown individuals.

“I don’t know Pam as being a lesbian but even if she is nothing no wrong,” the source said. “Besides the picture look photoshop.”

Pamputae has yet to respond to the controversial image.

Fans have been weighing in via our Facebook and Twitter page expressing their views.

“The new generation of dancehall artist a mash up the business with slackness,” TrudyD tweeted.

“First Diana King and now Pamputae, this is what dancehall coming,” Drea tweeted.

“Busy Signal say him like girls that like girls so nothing wrong with it,” Tray Di Gallis tweeted.

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