Ninjaman Wants $10 Million To Clash Kiprich At Sting

The Gorgon says he will clash but the money have to be big.

Dancehall veteran Ninjaman will be gracing Sting 2012 stage, but whether or not he will clash is all up to the promoters he said.

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Last week Ninjaman indicate that he is willing to clash dancehall man of the moment Tommy Lee, this week the deejay says he would also take on the new clash king Kiprich but only if the money is right.

“Mi nah clash nobody till Sting gimme $10 million,” Ninjaman said. “Mi see nuff man a charge five and six million fi clash and none a dem nuh bad like me. Mi a di undisputed champion fi Jamworld. Dem pay mi fi perform, not fi clash. If dem nuh shub out mi $10 million, then mi nah clash.”

Kiprich says he would clash the original one teet, gold teet Don Gorgon but for less money.

“Mi nuh want so much like wha Ninjaman a ask fah. Mi nuh want so much money fi make no duppy,” Kippo said. “If dem top up mi money den mi ready fi clash Ninjaman. Mi a di new clash king. Foot a go kick a Jamworld.”

VIDEO: Ninjaman Says Sting 2012 Will Be His Last

Tommy Lee has not indicate whether or not he would be clashing anyone at Sting. Bounty Killer will be a no show unless Isiah Laing can reconcile with the warlord.

Will we see another flop Sting this year or will we see a clash?

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