Ninjaman Says Sting 2012 Will Be His Last [Video]

Ninjaman want fans to come out in their number for Sting 2012 because it might be his last time performing on that stage.

Speaking with the Observer, the dancehall veteran explains why it might be his last time performing at Jamworld.

“Sting this year might be Ninjaman last performance,” the deejay said.

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“Because right now next year mi have mi own park, mi have mi bands that mi a try use. I am trying to turn over my legacy to the younger generation,” Ninjaman added.

Ninjaman and the promoters of Sting reached an agreement last week after the deejay was given a “make up your mind money.”

“Him give me a money that name make up your mind money, so for a man to make up his mind with so much money mi no know how much mi ago get pay it look nuff,” Ninjaman said.