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Tommy Lee Drop New Bounty Killer Diss Track “Step Middle Day” [Audio]

Did Tommy Lee tell Bounty Killer “s*ck your mother”?

This is the question everyone have been asking since the deejay drop a new diss track “Step Middle Day.”

“Gaza kill everybody dead, shoot all the puss and the dog, kill bloodcl*t everybody over him yaad, s*ck him mada,” Tommy Lee said in the intro.

VIDEO: Bounty Killer And Tommy Lee Brawl At Riverton Show

“Step middle day wid mi K inna di sun, out a yo head back mi mek river run, pray from mi heard over mi knife and mi gun, dear god mek bowy foot week,” Tommy Lee rhyme.

The new Bounty Killer diss track came just days after the two almost start a brawl at a show in Riverton City.

Tensions are now at its highest between the two dancehall stars. So will we have a clash at Sting?

Listen the track below and sound off in comments.


  1. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Wralord destroy Nyammee Lee!

  3. tommy clash that silly bounty.

  4. Very weak lyrics and song.

  5. if ah dem kinna lame lyrics he ah bring to Sting dat dead Bount killa ago murdah that.

  6. gaza sprata princess


  7. tommy lee need to focus on his career before he end up like kratel.