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DRAMA!! Bounty Killer And Tommy Lee Brawl At Riverton Show [VIDEO]

Bounty Killer and Tommy Lee beef got ugly this week at a show in Riverton City where the “Sparta” deejay was performing.

Bounty Killer, who was backstage while Tommy Lee was performing “Shook (Uncle Demon),” stormed the stage with his entourage.

Tommy Lee security and some police officers quickly moved to protect the Mobay deejay. However, that did not go down well with the crowd. Shortly after Tommy Lee left the stage his legion of female started shouting “we want Tommy Lee!”

The show was then taken over by Baby Cham and Bounty Killer.

Allegations are that Bounty Killer box Tommy Lee backstage, however, the Warlord denied those claims.

This is what Bounty Killer posted on Twitter:

Firs let me state it clearly, nobody nuh box nobody and that was never intended either, all mi know boy inna mi place and dissed mi pon stage so mi step to stage to defend it, and a pure commotion, Heady D and police dem a block up the stage, so mi say if him naah defend it tell him fi cut now and nyammi lee flea, then Heavy D send police come locked off the show, a ten police car Heavy D carry over deh, but tell any boy calling up mi name dem better plan to defend it a call up man name fi look big pon stage yu nuh waah clash nuh call up mi name then pu–y simple any weh mi see dem mi rush dem

Watch the video footage from the show below.


  1. tommy lee shine makin yuts admire him wat an inspiration 4 mst of US, big up yoself naabody beat uncle demon!

  2. dem shoulda tek di ting pon sting stage n prove to di worl a whom a di don..noynty jim adi general afta all

  3. Bad mind a bad mind. Bounty control yourself and mind you end up a prison. You start it first and you a big man. Come outa young people dutty pot.

  4. Tommy lee fi know him size, cant go a Riveton and diss the general in a him yard.

  5. Bounty Killa a big man wey do him thing already. You know how much young youth ded cuz a killa lyrics dem? Him beat up woman so much him cant travel like beenie so him a look war with the young man fi mek money when him shudder travel and a do oldest but goodies. Tommy lee a try a new genre of music gothic dancehall which is good for the dancehall and old badmind person like bounty a try stop it. Thats why kartel haffi kill some people and bob barley haffi Shot the sheriff. It’s Disgusting. Hopefully Tommy Lee has some good people around him and has the strength to persevere! ! ONE LOVE TOMMY LEE YOU ARE A PIONEER AND A BRAVE MAN. AND TO HEAVY D DON’T LET TOMMY LEE DOWN THIS KID IS ONTO SOMETHING. IF HE’S GIVEN THE CHANCE HE WILL BE ANOTHER JAMAICAN LIKE BOLT AND MARLEY TO PUT JAMAICA ON TOP. STICK WITH HIM!!!

  6. Bounty dun know He is The BOSS.

  7. Cuz bounty dnt respek him sef everi1 disss de man ba tommy lee nid to wrk hard to fight de war lord

  8. Bounty nid to respek him sef

  9. One of the most poorly captured videos in history.

  10. Bounty shld act lyk an elder man nt chase around kidz lyk sparta.


  12. So this is what really happen lol.