Ninjaman Will Be On Sting Stage, Says He Wants To Clash Tommy Lee

Ninjaman has changed his mind about not performing at this year’s Sting.

The dancehall veteran finalized on a deal with Supreme Promotions this week that will see him taking the Sting stage for the first time in several years.

Ninjaman, who has not performed at Sting since 2007, says this might be his last appearance at reggae’s most popular one night show.

“Di fans dem fi get whe dem fi get. Di fans dem know say Sting a Ninjaman show. So after Joe link me and him offer me the ‘mek up you mind’ money, mi and God have a talk and mi reconsider and decide say mi a go do Sting fi di fans,” Ninjaman told the Star.

“When dem offer me the money, mi laugh till me nearly dead. Di ‘mek up mi mind’ money a more than what Sumfest did a offer me. Dat money different from mi performance money cuz when me fi collect my money, a truck haffi go haul it way,” Ninjaman added.

Bounty Killer And Ninjaman Says They Won’t Perform At Sting 2012

Last month both Bounty Killer and Ninjaman announced that they will boycott the show after hearing a recent Laing interview. During a recent sit down with Anthony Miller of ER, Laing said a Tommy Lee would cause a major upset if there should be a showdown with Bounty Killer at Sting.

Ninjaman, however, wants to step up to the plate and clash dancehall man of the moment, Tommy Lee.

“Anybody waan war, see me yah! Mi nah back down,” Ninjaman said. “If somebody fi dead then mi a go lyrically kill it. Mi nuh fraida Tommy Lee, him caan kill me pon no stage, tell dem fi send him come.”

“Him a Uncle Demon but mi a Uncle Jesus, send him come make mi rebuke him in the name of the Lord. Tommy Lee have tune, people like him, but him better keep way from the war if him waan maintain him career. Mi have the holy water and the garlic stake fi drive out di demons over Sting in the name of Jesus,” Ninjaman added.

The deal between Ninjaman and Supreme Promotions was not disclosed but is believed to be worth in the millions.

Would you go to Sting to see a Ninjaman and Tommy Lee clash?

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