Police Arrest Security Guards In UTECH Gay Beating Incident

The St. Andrew Central police department has moved forward to arrest two of the security guards involved in last week’s gay beating incident at the University of Technology UTECH.

Last week a YouTube video brought worldwide unwanted attention on Jamaica. The video shows some security guards at the university punching and kicking the male student in a room.

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According to reports, the student was allegedly caught with another male student in a compromised position in a school bathroom. One student escaped the wrath of the guards and an angry mob, but this one wasn’t so lucky.

The video sent off a social media firestorm on Twitter and Facebook with hundreds of thousands of people voicing their opinions.

Marksman Limited later fired the guards involved in the incident and now police may charged them with assault.

“The security officers acted outside the scope of their duties,” Marksman said in a statement. “The actions of the security guards are not in keeping with Marksman Limited’s contractual arrangements and on-going mandate to protect and secure life and property.”

The security guards will go on an identification parade later this week.