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Lady Saw Goes Public With Cheating Boyfriend Drama, Plans To Walk Down The Isle

Dancehall reigning queen Lady Saw has decided to go public with her boyfriend John John infidelity.

Earlier this month rumors surfaced online allegeing that John John, who has been dating Saw for 17 years, has gotten another woman pregnant.

DRAMA: Lady Saw Boyfriend Cheating AGAIN, Knocked Up Another Woman

The “I Got Your Man” deejay drop a few hints on Twitter just leaving fans to read between the lines.

“I knew it but was only waiting to confirm now it now it is confirm so where do I go from here,” Lady Saw tweeted.

“Good night ladies N gentlemen talk soon need to make plans for the big one this was just quick like the time some gal get from mi man ROL,” Lady Saw added on Twitter the following day.

In a recent interview with Irie FM Radio, Saw confirmed that her producer boyfriend did got another woman pregnant but she is okay with it.

“I am not allowing anyone to break up me and my man of 17 years,” Lady Saw said.

“Once he is not with another man I am fine… Everybody cheat because I am not perfect myself, who is perfect cast the first stone… I have so many miscarriages so maybe these are the sons that he should get and I couldn’t give him, so she can do the carrying and I do the marrying,” Lady Saw continues.

Do you think Lady Saw should stand by her man side amidst these infidelity allegations?

Listen to the full interview below.


  1. leave people life alone

    it easy to say u thinks but no one no until they r in the situation.and secondly it not our business it both of them it there life/ nuff a unu a watch people business n unu love like a spoil

  2. need to love your self more than the man and stop taking sh-t , he cheated without protection could have bring back some hiv for u he don’t a F about u but u love him smh

  3. Personally I think its up to her what she wants to do, I don’t think it is fair or right to sit down and be with a cheating man, once a cheat always a cheat, years no have nothing to do with it as the longer you stay in a broken relationship is the worst it gets. If you don’t respect yourself he will not respect you and having an affair is one thing but getting her pregnant is a total no no in my books. Based on what lady saw is saying its hard for her in the sense that she is unable to have a child and its sad that she had so many mis-carriages but most cases involving mis-carriages is based on the level of stress the person is under while pregnant, I am not perfect in any way but I refuse to be unhappy and lady saw needs to do whatever makes her happy.

  4. listen I ain’t sugar coating nothing for no Artist could have been my mother and I would still say she is a fool, I mean what message are we sending to teh young by doing so, if they have a open relationship they can go and lay down in who ever bed they want and if he really loved her he would never had done it regardless if she can not conceive, wake up please because for the amount ah years he has been with her he cheated and she may have once also as to why shes cool about it, once a man cheats on u its over he will do it again and again no man like that can be called my husband and I think she is putting to much blame on woman wanting to take her man and she ain’t giving him up on him, I mean did vegas go back to his baby mother he must be looking at her thinking not me at all miss saw, nobody is making no judgement but look deep into the ignorance to see the man violated her with a girl down the road and made her pregnant she never false him to push it in he wanted to and c=got caught and saw knew but wanted confirmation, that’s why men do it because women are seen to be so forgiving, a woman must know her worth much higher than that, it seems to be more about her thinking woman want to tek her man when its deeper andn that’s my opinion because I don’t sugar coat nothing to gain no liking from nobody!

  5. Sigh – it is so easy for us all to sit here in judgement and say if we were in this situation we would walk away because we can and we are not in it. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think what he did was right at all and deep down she must be hurting especially as the woman is carrying the child that she so desperately wants to have but unfortunately is unable to. It can’t have been an easy decision for Saw to make and I for one am not going to shoot her down for deciding to stay with him and accept the forthcoming child. It’s her life and her decision and we should respect that, whether or not we agree with it.

  6. only a fool would stay with a cheating man.

  7. Lady Saw love her man.

  8. Her comments are ridiculous! Not everyone cheats. I don’t! Never did and never will because I have respect for relationships.

  9. Lady Saw should pray he doesnt bring home STD or HIV lol