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DRAMA: Lady Saw Boyfriend Cheating AGAIN, Knocked Up Another Woman

Lady Saw joined the ranks of Mr. Vegas and Vybz Kartel with cheating spouse drama.

This would not be the first time news surfaced alleging that the dancehall queen boyfriend of 17 years, John John, cheated on her. But this time he got one of Lady Saw’s neighbours pregnant.

PHOTO: Reggae Sumfest Crowned Lady Saw Dancehall Queen

Last week Lady Saw dropped a few hints on Twitter.

“Looking out from my balcony thinking to myself NO NOT AGAIN”

“Its been a sad day for me but we all have a story only problem is when will I tell mine.”

“I knew it but was only waiting to confirm now it now it is confirm so where do I go from here.”

“I was lied to by both party so who do I blame him or her or should I blame both.”

“I have a bad feeling something gonna happen to me but can’t put my finger on it what els could after what I just discover.” (Lady Saw Twitter)

There are some speculations that the female in question is a dancehall artist that John John do some producing work for.

Lady Saw told Mr. Vegas on Twitter that the two should do a song together and grieve together.

“Vagas mi have di baddest tune fi mi and u do but if we do it now it and heels on a go be # 1 N2 so maybe we should wait.” Saw tweeted.

But unlike Vegas, Lady Saw seems to get over her hurt very quickly.

“Some gal get mi man d–k fi a few minuets but mi get him heart forever ask him,” Saw wrote on Twitter.


Lady Saw and producer John John have been dating for 17 years now. While the two have endured some rough times in their relationship they always seems to pull through.

The dancehall diva has also had a rough time trying to conceive.

Do you think that’s why John John impregnate another woman?

Sound off below.



  1. Lady saw… Hold on to U man.. The 2 of them dissapoint you!! But she knew say him have him woman, and you are his woman.. Why I say hold on to him, him get away because of the child thing at least him get…he is yours mumma and me know you going to be a damm good step mother because U love him good luck

  2. Lady Saw u stronger than this u r one of our stronger women a so life go!! Jus move on!

  3. Lady Saw need to stop putting her business out a street cauz she not leaving the community dick…she is only the dick keeper but that dick been serving the community for years..just like any corner store.

  4. Nodrama Thomasita

    17 years to go tell har again Lady Saw.

  5. Ashley Kamalia Bennett

    Jesus, yo see and men say woman a deliah man a wicked.

  6. Ashley Kamalia Bennett

    Jesus, yo see and men say woman a deliah man a wicked.

  7. The things women do & put up with in the name of love. Smh

  8. Christopher Chambers

    Sounds like she has low self esteem.

  9. Some times I think Lady Saw coo coo.