Dancehall Artist Baby Chris: “I Do Not Have Aids”

Dancehall artist Baby Chris has stepped forward to address rumors of him contracting HIV/Aids.

Rumors first surfaced on BBM earlier this week claiming that the deejay is dying from the deadly virus. However, during an interview with the Star Baby Chris says there is no truth to the story.

This is what the deejay has to say.

“Basically this girl from England got jealous because we are no longer together. She tell me say she a go do something fi flop me and cut me hype, so me know a she start the rumour.”

“People a call and say dem see BB a send round say me AIDS, but mi know me straight and my conscious clean, mi nuh have AIDS. Dem can send doctor come test me, mi clean.”

“Sometimes people get badmind and jealous. Dem a try keep me down and keep me away from my focus, but this is just making me stronger.”

“She a try make girls keep away from me and fi make my fans look pon me a way, but it nah work.”

In 2010 dancehall artist Elephant Man was plagued by said rumor of him having the virus, largely because he fathered more than 20 kids with several different baby mothers.