Usain Bolt Named World’s Second Most Influential Man

Fictional character James Bond edged out Usain Bolt for the top spot as the 2012 world most influential man by

James Bond is a fictional secret agent created by Ian Flemmings in the 1950s. James Bond is currently being played by actor Daniel Craig.

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More than 500,000 askmen readers took a survey to form the 2012 list of 49 most influential men. Jamaica’s own Usain Bolt was voted second place.

Usain Bolt proves that lightening can strike the same place twice when he defended his championship at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

President Bill Clinton came in at number 3, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane number 4, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt rounded out the top five.

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Some notable names made the list including singer Frank Ocean ranked number 8, President Obama number 11, actor Liam Neeson number 16, rappers Jay-Z number 22 and Kanye West number 31.

Top 10 Most Influential Men:

1. James Bond
2. Usain Bolt
3. Bill Clinton
4. Seth MacFarlane
5. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
6. Jimmy Kimmell
7. Elon Musk
8. Frank Ocean
9. Instagram founders
10. Ryan Gosling

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