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Usain Bolt Says Gaza For Life, Defends Tommy Lee Use Of Demon Slangs [Video]

Usain Bolt says gaza for life.

While most other fans and celebrities are criticizing Tommy Lee for his excessive use of “demon slangs” in his music, one high profile gaza supporter is coming to his defense.

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The world fastest man, Usain Bolt, not only says gaza for life, but he also says there is nothing wrong with Tommy Lee branding himself as a demon.

“Everybody knows that I am a gaza fan,” Usain Bolt told ER. “I think what these guys are doing now, all these demon things is just a promotion of themselves, i don’t think they are really into it, its just a promotion because people like it so they keep doing it. I don’t have any problem and I will always be a gaza fan to the end.”

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Well you hear it from the sprint legend himself. Several other fans also weighs in on the latest big topic in dancehall.

Watch video below and leave your comments.


  1. Awsooome…Gaza fi lyf.

  2. bolt shuld widen his tinkin.

  3. tommy le badand usain an if they want to be a demon that is them mein no why poeple getin caried away for

  4. usain bolt!,gaza 4 life yes,bt nt 4 toy lee u jst goofd