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Captain Barkey’s Killer Commits Suicide In Florida

Captain Barkey and Tracy Bennett killer, Joseph Kernizan, has committed suicide in Florida just days after the gruesome murder in Bronx, New York.

While the reggae community is still mourning the death of veteran artist Captain Barkey, there is some new drama unfolding.

Was Captain Barkey Warned About Shooter Before His Murder?

Joseph Kernizan, the Haitian born man man accused of killing Barkey and his female companion last weekend has reported took his own life.

According to NYPD officials, Kernizan committed as a task force moved in on him at a Florida apartment. Kernizan, 42, shot himself once in the head before police could arrest him. Police reports say that Kernizan tried to escape before killing himself, but quickly realized that the building was surrounded by police officers.

Dancehall Mourns The Death Of Captain Barkey

Joseph Kernizan, shot and killed captain Barkey, born Wayne Hamilton, and his female companion, Tracy Bennett, outside a Bronx motel on Saturday morning.

Kernizan was the ex-boyfriend of Tracy Bennett. The two shared two children who are now without both their parents. Bennett had gotten a restraining order against Kernizan prior to her murder.

Barkey’s killing sparked widespread outcry in the reggae music community.


  1. AllisFairinlovewar

    All is fair in love and war, may all the decease rest in peace.

  2. This too bad 4 the children no mum en dad.

  3. Hope this teach a lesson to all serial Sluts, when you no longer want your ex you move on and be with your new lover, and don, t carry a relationship for 5 years , while still using your ex.

  4. What a waste! The woman leave you and you kill both you and your child mother..brilliant bro u are now a total a$$! What a waste!

  5. It’s sad but I feel it more for the Children that they all leave behind.

  6. Everton Eversaw Hudson

    It’s sad but I feel it more for the Children that they all leave behind.

  7. Two children now orphan because of some jealous gun totting fool.

  8. Joseph kernizan didn’t give life so why did choose to take 2 peoples life but in the end I think he judged himself which he gave himself the best judgement which is death