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Reggae Star Captain Barkey Shot Dead In New York

Reggae music is mourning the loss of one of its own today.

Captain Barkey, born Wayne Hamilton, and his girlfriend were shot dead in the Bronx yesterday.

According to the NY Post, the female, 38-year-old Tracy Bennett, ex-lover ambushed the two after they stepped out of a Bronx Motel around 3:10 a.m.

The gun man pumped several shots in Hamilton, killing him on the spot before chasing down Bennett to the back of the motel and shot her dead.

“Please, no!” the woman begged for her life before several shots rang out.

“I heard [her] plead for [her] life and then heard gunshots,” “She was begging,” Keshia Barrett, who was staying at the motel, said.

Bennett reportedly had a restraining order against the shooter before the incident.

Captain Barkey started out deejaying on Spanish Town based sound systems People’s Choice and Stereo One before getting his big break in dancehall.

In the mid 1990s her scored two major hits “Go Go Wine,” and “Bun Fi Bun.”

He later teamed up with dancehall veteran Wickerman to form the duo Captain Barkey and Wickerman. The duo released several hits in the mid to late 90s.

“He was a jovial guy. Barkey made you laugh on any given day, even when you’re down,” Wickerman told the Observer.

R.I.P Captain Barkey


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