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Bow Wow Broke, Ordered To Pay Child Support, Being Chased By Creditors

Is Bow Wow really going broke?

That’s the question everyone have been asking of late. The Cash Money rapper is behind with his child support payments and is being chased by numerous creditors including a Ferrari dealer who claims the rapper owe $283,785 for a lease 2005 Ferrari F430.

According to TMZ, Bow Wow told a judge that he fell behind in his child support payments because he only make $4,000 a month working for Cash Money. The rapper’s lawyer also told the judge that he currently have $1500 in his bank account.

However, Bow Wow could find himself in more legal troubles since he reportedly failed to tell the judge that he recently picked up a hosting gig on BET’s 106 & Park.


  1. Little bow wow! If ur not paying because ur upset wit urself or ur girl. Dont be foolish. Pay ur childsuport the child is the one hurting not u nor nobody else:) dont be the last because of lack of pride to step up. Be the first man. Bless.

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    October 8, 2012 at 11:00 am.
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  3. Damn big homie what’s really good.

  4. bow wow I can’t believe tha, u guys spend to much.

  5. Hetty Bridgewater

    I don’t believe it

  6. Remember when he was spending 50gs in the club with breezy on strippers.I don”t think he remember that this day he would need that money now on child support.,