Shane Brown: “Busy Signal Use To Clean Elephant Man’s Sneaker For 2 Yrs”

While fans of Busy Signal eagerly await his release from behind bars, the deejay’s manager Shane Brown is opening up on the path ahead.

During a recent interview with Irish and Chin radio in New York, Brown opens up about Signal prison experience, his life before becoming a recording artist, his latest album Reggae Music Again, and more.

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“You know what Busy was doing for two years?” Shane Brown said. “Busy was cleaning Elephant Man’s sneakers just to get some money to buy likkle sardine and likkle rice.”

Perhaps many of you didn’t know that’s where Busy Signal is coming from before becoming one of dancehall’s finest.

Prior to his incarceration, Busy Signal was working closely with inner city kids through monetary donation, motivational speaking and other charitable efforts. That formed part of the reasons he walked away such a light sentence.

After working for Elephant Man for two years, Busy Signal made a decision that would change his life forever. Today Signal is one of dancehall’s most consistent deejays with a huge catalog of hits on a very young career that is less than a decade old. Over the last couple of years Busy Signal build his international career mostly in Europe and Africa, due to his inability to travel to the United States, which is the world’s biggest music market.

“I know Busy can’t come to America so therefore I’m saying, we need to get Busy Signal a stronger fan base in Europe and in Africa because the reality is that Europe and Africa endorses Reggae music more than the United States,” Shane Brown said.

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Shane Brown also said Signal has lost a lot of weight since his incarceration and will be focusing on his health after his release in November.

“Busy has lost quite a bit of weight…closer to 12-15 pounds,” Shane Brown said. “He’s very weak and he’s not eating right ‘cause Busy just prefer to hol’ it and eat some crackers and some juice fi all a week straight. The most important thing to us right now if to have Busy fit and healthy.”

Busy Signal will be released on November 21st after completing a six months prison sentence. The deejay will continue to push his recent album Reggae Music Again, which is doing well internationally.

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