Busy Signal Hit The Streets November 21, Bookings On The Rise

Not often you see a lot of positive reactions to an artist being sent to prison. Busy Signal, who was sentenced to just 6 months behind bars last week, is said to be in good spirit after learning his faith.

Signal was initially facing up to five years for absconding bail in 2002, but through some leniency from the judge the deejay will only spend two more months behind bars.

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“Busy felt like he was in prison for the last 10 years; all he could think about when he went to sleep was this situation so today is a milestone for us because now he is mentally free,” Busy Sigal’s manager, Shane Brown, told Billboard magazine.

Shane Brown credits Busy Signal’s attorney, William Mauzy, for working tirelessly to have the dancehall star sentencing reduced as much as possible.

According to Brown, Mauzy flew down to Jamaica to film a mini documentary of the “Nah Go Jail Again” deejay’s relatives and friends including his pastor, grandmother, and teachers at his alma mater, Brown’s Town High School.

Busy Signal is actively giving back to Brown’s Town High School through monetary assistance and time. In 2009 the deejay spent hundreds of thousands of dollars from his own pocket to furnish the school’s computer lab. The DVD also shows Busy Signal on tour performing in front of a crowd of 70,000 people in Gambia, as well as, footage of him doing a motivational session with kids.

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Mauzy submitted the DVD to judge Donovan W. Frank as a testimony of the deejay’s new life.

“The judge was really impressed with what Busy has done with his life in the past 10 years since becoming an artist, the fact that he has never been in trouble with the law in Jamaica, and he took those things into consideration before handing down the sentence,” Brown said.

“The judge wants him to do more community service work in Jamaica and we have established the Busy Signal Foundation, which will assist in the educational needs of underprivileged children. The judge also wants him to enjoy the freedom to pursue his career, so it’s important he keeps doing music of substance like his last album,” Shane Brown added.

After his release on November 21st, Busy Signal has 45 days to leave the United States. It may take him years before he can return, however, there are several shows in the works for the deejay.

According to Shane Brown, he is currently in consultation with the judge and Signal’s lawyer to determine if the deejay will be able to perform in the United States. Brown says one promoter already offered some 20 shows.

“Since Friday’s sentencing, we were offered 20 shows by a US promoter,” Brown said. “America is a very important market for reggae artists and with this sentencing, it opens the door for Busy to try to come back and be heard by a wider audience.”

If Busy Signal is granted permission to perform in the US, this would be his first time ever performing live in the world’s biggest music market.


  1. Its time u come to zimbabwe supastar,good to hear u out…live strret star

  2. You know, I so love Busy. He is cool and suave and really sexy handsome. He made a mistake but we are not GOD and he is forgiven. Please Busy, continue to make me proud of saying I love you, ok.

  3. Tawanda BlessedSaint Mubaiwa

    Lord Thank you for helping this bredda.
    Lets hope the same for Vybz Kartel….

  4. Salih Abdur-Raheem

    Salaam bro, (peace) seek the knowlege of Islam. Busy Signal rivert to the true way of life. May Allah guide and protect you!

    Best Regards
    Anguilla (B.W.I)

  5. all the positive songs and stuff that he did…i can see why the judge went easy on him….once you’ve got a good background to show it’s hard to put hard time for something small.

  6. The best thing is he learned from his mistake at an early age and was able to turn out and make something positive of his life. He should be viewed as a role model for anyone. Also great choice by his team to show what he has since his mistake. One of the most versatile artists I cant wait to hear new music from Busy Signal.

  7. Ah mi brother… Jah is good!

  8. Busy Signal hold the faith soon come a road.

  9. Busy signal made a mistake when he was younger no one is perfect…Lots of Jamaicans need to learn from this he had a good support team behind him get the best lawyer u can get…Busy is very talented he has nothing to be ashamed of …