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Vybz Kartel Urged Tommy Lee To End Beef With Bounty Killer [Exclusive]

Vybz Kartel is urging his protégé Tommy Lee to end his beef with dancehall legend Bounty Killer.

Last week Bounty Killer ignited a heated debate in dancehall over Tommy Lee’s use of dominic lyrics and branding himself Sparta. A few days later Tommy Lee hit back hard with a diss track “Goat Head,” where he took several shots at the Alliance Next Generation head.

VIDEO: Tommy Lee – ‘Goat Head’

Sources close to Vybz Kartel who is currently behind bars, exclusively told Urban Islandz that he is against the beef.

“Despite their differences Vybz still have a lot of respect for Bounty Killer,” the source said.

“He spoke with Tommy Lee via a phone call and told him to resist from engaging in a beef with Killer. Worl’Boss genuinely feels that the beef is not good for Tommy Lee career which he should more focus on building,” the source added.

Bounty Killer Says Tommy Lee New Name Is What…

Tommy Lee has also indicated that he has no interest in a continuous beef with Bounty Killer. The source also revealed that Tommy Lee did not want to do a diss track but feels he needed to defend himself.

“The sudden attack from Bounty Killer was not necessary and Tommy Lee feel like as a younger artist him need fi defend himself,” the source.

Bounty Killer has yet to respond to Tommy lee’s diss track at least musically.

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  1. Jus lef dem to karma yo see mi gaza free world boss
    Hummmu wize word from deh teacha ah oh

  2. Bounty u a goat head lef mi brada alone. Suh wat if wi a demon gaza and demon until wi dead. Hummmu

  3. tommy u r a man vybz iz da king of gaza dont do it

  4. even if bounty a general or federal him need fi mek tommy lee decide the direction of his career. Bounty worry about your beliefs and let tommy lee strive…unbias.

  5. a gaza the thing deh still

  6. mi rate tommylee but poppy a the boss an the man naa sell out the teacha

  7. bounty killa a di general from den till now an fi eva…..

  8. Nuff resperct 2 world boss

  9. NUFF RESPECT 2 Vybz Kartel.

  10. Wise words from Kartel, no reason for Tommy Lee to damage all that he has going for him with a verbal fight with the ANG Leader. no one will one they both have loyal fans.

  11. Tommy Lee as a yute need fi know him place and stop try come like a foolish rat a run race, such a laughable disgrace, u nuh top nuh international chart nuh time soon.

  12. Dancehall once use to be about clashing not name calling.

  13. Di whole a dem just looking a hype off of Tommy. First it was Bounty now di rest a he lap dogs dem want to try something. Nonsense.

  14. If killa kill u there’s no coming back su go easy Tommy

  15. Alliance make them famous and then kill them fame with one click, click.

  16. Respect di killa love di vybz n big u di lee Killa ah killa