Bounty Killer Says Tommy Lee New Name Is What…

Bounty Killer is yet to respond to Tommy Lee recent diss track “Goat Head.”

While fans are eagerly awaiting to hear the warlord’s response to that, Killer has been keeping them laughing on Twitter. The Killer is obviously “cross, angry and miserable” about Tommy Lee diss track.

VIDEO: I-Octane Weighs In On Bounty Killer And Tommy Lee Beef

“GrungGaadZilla a.k.a Jesus Price is officially the dancehall G.O.A.T the Greatest Of All Time…….. ?,” Bounty Killer tweeted yesterday.

But in his next tweet, Killer’s new names for Tommy Lee includes Tommy Flee and Nyammy Lee.

“RT @THE_VENUM: New name fi tommy flee – Nyammy lee @GrungGaadZillA tweet @KSLEEZY10 and sehh that… Alliance fi life,” found on Bounty Killer twitter timeline.

While we eagerly awaits a more musical response from the dancehall giant, Tommy Lee has released a video for the new diss track “Goat Head.”