Tommy Lee – ‘Goat Head’ [Music Video]

Tommy Lee drop the video for his Bounty Killer diss track “Goat Head,” produced by Andrew “Anju Blax” Myrie of UIM Records.

Tommy Lee shot the video the same day he recorded the single. The video starts with footage of a goat wearing a sun glasses before moving on to clips of the “Uncle Demon” deejay in the studio recording the heavy hitting single.

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“Fool stop pree me, goat head you can’t defeat me, no make me rise it, in a middle day me a wake with di mack 10, them a fi dead anytime when me shot dem,” Tommy Lee deejay

Last week Bounty Killer downplayed speculations that he will be clashing Tommy Lee at Sting 2012.

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“Stating clearly I Bounty Killer won’t be clashing with Tommy Lee at sting this year plus i never said I was gonna either I’m just going to derail the demonic movements been slewing demons and devils it’s ntn new I’ll be clashing with everything Unrighteous and Unclean but all the best to Tommy on his success but only god gives good blessings not the devil so anything good happening 4 him now god does it unuh fi teach the yute’s dem right unuh help him if unuh love him to stop glorifying the devil and batty spartan look what unuh help kartel to do to his self now wise up Black People!!!,” Bounty Killer wrote on Twitter.

Watch the official video for Tommy Lee “Goat Head” below.