Lauryn Hill Denies Oprah Request For An Interview [DETAILS]

Since airing her heartfelt interview with pop star Rihanna on Sunday on her network OWN, Oprah has been receiving several requests on Twitter for interviews with other celebrities.

Throughout her career Oprah has interview people such as President Obama, Michael Jackson, The Kardashians big name actors such as George Clooney and more. But there is one star that has eluded her and that is Lauryn Hill.

PHOTO: Lauryn Hill Mugshot After Arrest In June

One of her Twitter followers asked her to get Lauryn Hill on the show. “@Oprah Get Lauryn Hill on your show ASAP!!,” the follower tweeted to Oprah. However, Oprah said she has tried but the former Fugee lead singer says no. “tried. She said no,” Oprah tweeted.

Oprah also revealed that she also hasn’t had any luck in getting Beyonce for a one-on-one interview. “See if you can convince Beyonce, I haven’t had luck yet,” Oprah tweeted to one fan.

Lauryn Hill is facing three years in Federal prison after admitting that she intentionally fail to file taxes over a three year period where she made $1.8 million. She will be sentenced in November of this year.