Judge Rejects Buju Banton Request For New Trial, Face More Prison Time

Buju Banton up-hill battle against the United States justice system is getting steeper the more he fights.

Yesterday federal judge James Moody rejected Buju Banton’s application for a new trial. But that is not the end of that segment. The reggae icon is also facing more prison time at a new sentencing hearing.

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According to reports, Banton could be slapped with an additional 5 years behind bars on top of the 10 he is now serving.

Moody argued that the Atlanta Appeal Court decision was final, since they outlined that the Grammy-winning singer was convicted with sufficient evidence. Thus Moody says there is no need for a new trial.

Banton’s lead attorney, David Markus, says he will not give up on his fight for freedom for his client.

“I plan on appealing again and will take this to the Supreme Court if I must,” Markus told reporters.

“I won’t stop fighting for my friend and brother,” he added.

Buju Banton, whose real name is Mark Myrie, was convicted last year February on four counts of drug and gun charges. However, Judge James Moody dropped the gun charge saying Banton did not spoke to or net James Mack, who was found in possession of the weapon.

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Later that year Moody sentenced Banton to serve 10 years in a federal prison.

Judge James Moody told the court that since the appeal court states that there was sufficient evidence to convict Banton on the gun charge, he could not rule it out.

Banton is now facing 15 years when he goes before the judge for a new sentencing hearing.

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