Beenie Man Explains Why He Now Support Gays

Dancehall self proclaim King Beenie Man continues to defend his recent public apology and support of the gay community.

Over the last decade the gay community and dancehall have been at war over anti-gay lyrics in dancehall culture. However, Beenie Man is looking to change that aspect of dancehall.

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Speaking with The Advocate, Beenie Man explains why he released an apology to the gay community via Youtube.

“What really motivated me to do something like that is the love of the music and the respect for people,” Beenie Man explains. “This is who I am, and this is where I’m going, and this is where my head space is. And if we sing for one set of people and the next set of people not listen to the music, it don’t make sense. That mean you’re off way in the world.”

According to the “Rum & Redbull” deejay, gays in America is different from gays in Jamaica.

“Gay in Jamaica is not like it is in America,” Beenie Man said. “It’s mostly big men with money going down in the ghetto and turning the local youths so you call that statutory [rape] or child molestation. They convince the youth that they are this way and me know enough youth this way. That’s why when it comes to gay murder in Jamaica, it’s so vicious.”

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Beenie Man said he would still love his son if he found out one day he is gay.

“He’s my son. I love him already. It’s not gonna make me hate him. All left to do is to support him and guide him through.”