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Ninjaman Blast Beenie Man Over Shabba Comments, “Yo Too Badmind”

Veteran dancehall deejay Ninjaman has stepped forward to defend Shabba Ranks after being snubbed by Beenie Man in a recent interview.

In a recent interview with Anthony Miller of ER, Beenie Man insinuate that any other dancehall artistes could have gotten similar support to what Shabba Ranks got last weekend on his arrival in Jamaica.

VIDEO: Beenie Man Diss Shabba Ranks, “Mi No Care Bout Shabba”

“Anybody can get that you have to just pay for it,” Beenie Man said.

The comments did not go down well with Ninjaman, who accuse Beenie Man of being “badmind” (envy).

“A me buss Shabba, so from you dis Shabba, you dis me,” Ninjaman told the Star. “Shabba do work whe nuff artiste never do yet. Him leave Jamaica and give di artiste dem space fi make money. Beenie Man a talk bout how a buy di man buy him motorcade when him come a Jamaica, Beenie Man you badmind Shabba. You too bad-mind.”

“Shabba motorcade full airport. Shabba a me artiste, any man whe violate Shabba, violate me. Beenie Man tek way the ‘King of the Dancehall’ title from Yellow Man and sound like him waan tek wey the ‘Dancehall Emperor’ title from Shabba Ranks,” Ninjaman added.

Beenie Man has since defended his statement saying he was simply saying the dancehall icon had to foot the bill for the motorcade.

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“I was saying that to do a motorcade costs money because you have to pay for transportation to take persons to the location and back home. It takes money to organise that. I was not saying that people were paid to go see Shabba,” Beenie Man said.

Do you think Beenie Man badmind Shabba Ranks?

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  1. Waku malawi wina

    This batty boy should learn to respect the elders. shame on you beenie

  2. Bennieman is king, he is married to Peter King. That why he apologise. Him say that him swag (secretly we are gay). Bun him out and corey todd. That why him don’t make love to a fellow in a rush that why d,angel leave him because her batty a hurt her. Sebada have his secret

  3. Nash Dobido Mudzamiri

    why u did it to him

  4. hm fi seh him dweet fi relevance ina danco but him badmind evrybody

  5. Ninjaman welcopme back bring sense to dancehall.

  6. Steve Reine-Prudent

    Y Bennie disss Shaba only jealousy motive dis guy.Personelly I not agree wit Him , shabba is one Dance hall Icon music so u have to recognize dat.So Bennie have to explain y he promotes Gay system and did show wit Ray paul the travestie , well he have to say if he agree wit dat or just need Batty money to live.

  7. Beenie a me artist but a bad mind that you all in the business together you should happy for Shabba him help make way for you too.

  8. Beenie should have maximum respect for man like SHABBA.

  9. Bennie man a run down vanity 2much n hin caan stand to see any other man make it him a badmind 4 real.

  10. Mikey A. Kranium

    Beeni ah Nuh Dancehall queen, him a Dancehall queer,Ah lady saw ah Di queen and “SHABBA AH DI KING”!!!

  11. beenie man a fish, him run down fame too much, u caan dis shabba………

  12. Beenie a Drama Queen a luk a hype…yuh fag out di ting and ai gwaan come Bad mind Legendary Man like Shabba weh set di trend even if him pay fi di ting….at least him caaan defend him ting..nuff a yuh just a vanity di place…Shabba kno bout real life Beenie guh sit dung and count yuh Louie Vitton.. Wi a bun Badmind…

  13. I like Beenie man I don’t think he envy of Shabba Beenie man looks tired on the video he just said the wrong thing some times it’s better to just keep your mouth shut….Another artist will remember what Beenie man said and use it against him..

  14. bennieman bad mind him saw bounty kill with angel and buy her.

  15. bennieman bad mind him saw bounty kill with angel and buy her.

  16. shabba a real beenieman play in waste matter from theb anus. disrespect mother nature organ sfor the bathroom that we can eat more.

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  18. His comments were off…and did not show support.