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Snoop Dogg Officially Now Snoop Lion, Recording For “Reincarnated” Album [Video]

Snoop Dogg went through a spiritual awakening when he went to Jamaican earlier this year. The iconic West Coast gangster rapper visited the Rastafarian Nyabinghi headquarters on the island.

During a press conference at New York’s Jamaican restaurant Miss Lily’s, Snoop Dogg officially introduced his new name Snoop Lion, and his new reggae project Reincarnated.

The Reincarnated project will see the rapper working with Diplo of Major Lazer. The project includes a photo book, documentary, and a non-profit initiative called Mind Garden.

“This called me and it put all of that to rest,” Snoop Lion told reporters. “Anytime the spirit calls you, you gotta know that it’s serious and it’s real. When the spirit called me, it told me to find something that was connected towards the Bob Marley spirit. Because I’ve always said that I was Bob Marley reincarnated.”

“I’ve always wanted to perform for kids and my grandmother and people around the world who really love me that can’t really accept the music that I make. This reggae music is a music of love, happiness, and struggle. Now as a 40-year-old man in the music industry and the artists call me Uncle Snoop, I gotta give them something new,” Snoop Dogg added.

Snoop says he will return to rap one day, but for now Snoop Lion is Bob Marley reincarnated.

“I’m a wise man in the music industry, not that I’m never gonna ever do rap again because I’m gon’ always do what I love, but right now, I’m Snoop Lion and I’m having fun with this reggae movement, so hopefully you guys will enjoy it as well. Jah Rastafari.”


  1. Yes seriously marijuana is grown by God and Rasifarianism is essincially Christianity with the believe and tolerance of consuming marijuajuana…. Wake up guys follow the Lion!!!

  2. Nomqheleko Blessed Cynthia Ncube


  3. Cladianis Williams

    Diane, I feel like you are judging snoop for what he believes now. I personally don’t think he is captivated by any weed, you are talking like this is his first time in Jamaica. Hes been there, smoke that weed and share with rastafarians bfore why is so hard for you to believe he found what he was looking for? God works in different ways maybe now was snoop’s time.

  4. Snoop Dog is searching. The saying is if you seek then you shall find. If this is a serious journey, then the only person who can walk it is Snoop. It’s his road now.

  5. snoop lion?

  6. nice Dog to be come Rasta but in Rasta u can nt say smal pucyyyyyy.

  7. Its the real weed bug that captivated Snoop. All the weed cousins he been smoking in America was foolishness compared to what he had in Jamaica. Snoop buoy u went the wrong way. All u going get is cancer like Bob Marley with all that amount of potent bong weed smoke in your lungs. The real rastafarians are peaceful (not the comercial dreadlocks that have now taken over, natty pon dem head and not in their heart) and that’s all they have to their credit. But joining the movement is idolatry. In order for you to get real peace in your life which I know you are seeking, you need to ask your Creator who is the father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let no man fool u, u were bitten by the spirit of idolatry.