Shabba Wows Reggae Sumfest, Deejay Honored [Video]

After almost 20 years of not gracing reggae music’s biggest stage, Shabba Ranks returned with a bang.

The dancehall icon put on an electrifying performance on International Night 1, proving he is still one of dancehall’s finest acts.

Shabba performed several of his classics to screaming fans, including X-Rated, Mr. Loverman, and Winey Winey. He also called up singer Cherine Anderson during his set to perform two of his biggest hit songs Twice My Age, and Champion Lover. Their chemistry on stage was enough to stir up patrons imaginations.

PHOTOS: Shabba Ranks Mobbed By Fans As He Returns Home For Reggae Sumfest

Summerfest Productions, the promoters of Reggae Sumfest, followed through on their promise to honor Shabba Ranks on Friday night. Shabba thanked the organizers for the honor and also his wife who he called on stage.

“She is the reason for my peace of mind and tranquility,” Shabba Ranks said. “She mek mi look so good. Come to mi, baby.”

Sumfest also honored veteran disc jockey of Irie FM, Elise Kelly, for her contribution to Jamaican music and MC duties at Reggae Sumfest for 19 years.

Shabba shared the stage of International Night 1 with the likes of Trey Songz, Leroy Sibbles, John Holt, Pinchers, Leroy Smart, Derrick Harriot, the Mighty Diamond, U-Roy, Yellow Man and more.


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