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R. Kelly A Hit, Trey Songz A Miss At Reggae Sumfest [Video]

R. Kelly made up for his absence last year with a sizzling performance at last weekend’s Reggae Sumfest International Night 2.

The R&B King arrived for his performance about an hour late, but his presence instantly soothe the grief of patrons.

“What’s up, Jamaica?” R Kelly said as he entered the stage at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in Montego Bay.

“Let me get my sound right or I can’t do this can’t do this fing show!” he said after singing two of his hit singles, Snake, and So Sexy.

The night was then his as he delivered hits from his huge catalog. The women in front couldn’t get enough of the R&B crooner.

Trey Songz, who performed on International Night 1, was a bit disappointed. Perhaps there were too much hype surrounding his first performance in Jamaica, or maybe he couldn’t top that giant performance from dancehall legend Shabba Ranks.

Several females clamor to the VIP section just to see the R&B star up close. Apart from delivering several of his well known singles and showing off his toned abs, Songz performance was a bit below expectation.

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  1. You guys need to get your fact straight! if Tray Songzs didn’t perform to his expectation why did he then perform 15 minutes more over his 60 minutes allocated to him? As for R. Kelly who came one hour late high and drunk! could have stayed and they gave Ninja Man the money he ask for and have him perform in R. Kelly slot!