Rihanna Went On Secret Date With Chris Brown Before Vacation [Photo]

Rihanna is trying hard to get over the lost of her grandmother Dolly. The Bajan pop beauty rounded up her girls, rent a yacht and set sail in Sardinia.

According to reports, The “Where Have You Been” singer went on a secret date with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown before embarking on a well needed vacation. Sources say the two met up in Los Angeles and had a few drinks and a lengthy chat.

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“I know Chris changed cars and we rode out to f*cking Burbank,” a source told Perez Hilton. “Guess they figured that over there in the Valley nobody would spot them. It wasn’t in a club or anything like that it was a chill little place that’s way low-key and I can’t say the name. They spent like 30 or 45 minutes together and just talked just the two of them. Wasn’t nobody around when they talked they just wanted some privacy. It was real chill and they didn’t want anybody following them or sh*t like that.”

Rihanna and Chris Brown are taking things slowly but there are still a lot of mysteries surrounding their current relationship.

Meanwhile, RiRi has been keeping fans up to date on her vacation by periodically tweeting bikini pics.



  1. where is chris brown in the above pictures?

  2. Rollian Don Jah'eme Morgan

    rihannaa going to be ma wife the next 7yrs mark my word….

  3. These Photo is so very adorable and sexy .

  4. Its a secret date with chris Brown .

  5. Rasta Shaky Pioneer

    Man the lady got wat et teksp.

  6. Rasta Shaky Pioneer

    Man the lady got wat et teksp.